The sound of the midi files on my pc approaches quite good the original CD sound. On each individual pc however the midi files can sound different and sometimes completely out of balance, depending on your configuration. This is pretty annoying. On Windows 7 the volume of midi files is relatively low compared to other sound formats. Ultamately I might have to put different versions on the net.

In case the sound on your pc is much different from the original albums, here's a few midi files with only piano tracks to check things out. In the last resort only the note transcriptions are decisive for what I intend. If in doubt, please turn to the transcriptions.

Dwarf Nebula (piano midi file).
Don't you ever wash that thing (piano midi file).
Run home slow theme (piano midi file).
Run home slow variation (piano midi file).
I ain't got no heart (piano midi file).
Florentine Pogen theme (piano midi file).

On my pc I'm using the following soft- and hardware:
- Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer.
- Midi player: Windows Media Player, version
- Midi driver: Avance logic inc. external midi (MPU-401)/internal midi (OPL3), general midi driver (channels 1-16).
- Boxes: U.S. Blaster MM 120.

When using other browsers, for instance the Navigator browser using Quick Time, the balance of the sound can sometimes be quite different from what I intended it to be, to the degree of some tracks becoming about inaudible.
The midi files are meant to be opened in the play mode; I haven't spent time on making them look properly in an edit mode.