- The numbers following the book codes sometimes refer to pages, sometimes to plate numbers.
- Many works are reproduced in more than one book; I've chosen the reproduction that in my opinion seems the best.
- It happens repeatedly that the same work is attributed to different years; they can also carry different titles. In these cases I had to make an arbitrary choice.
- B.w. stands for black and white reproduction. I can't guarantee that all others are in colour, because of some I only have copies.
- The accent originally lied on paintings; drawings in catalogues not in my possesion sometimes aren't completely covered.
- Though it's not up to me to check this, the links refer to sites that problably are legit regarding copyrights. In practical terms this means that I include images provided by museums, owners, galleries and other art dealers. Images on private sites are disregarded.
- According to Gary Garrels, The late paintings, page 19, during the eighties De Kooning would work on one work at a time on the easel. When he considered it finished the assistents removed it from the easel and put it aside in the atelier, where the recent paintings stood up in the formation of a house of cards. He seldom would return to a painting that was removed from the easel. For this reason all paintings visable on atelier photographs from the eighties can be considered as problably finished. In the reproductions list, such paintings are presented as Unknown title (unknown status).