WILLEM DE KOONING Centennial exhibitions

In 2004 it was a hundred years ago that De Kooning was born. Among others three New York galleries organized exhibitions to celebrate this occasion.

Kunsthal Rotterdam
From April 16th to Juli 3rd 2005 the Kunsthal Rotterdam was exhibiting over 50 works, that were first shown at the Kunstforum Wien. A 200 pages catalogue accompanied the exhibition, that also includes works by painters influenced by De Kooning. Click here for photos of the hall.

Gagosian gallery
The Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea offered the largest exhibition of 39 works in 2013, including four paintings from 1988, the last year that thus far has been made public. The catalogue is already sold out. Click here for a hall overview.

Richard Gray Gallery, search for De Kooning.
The Richard Gray Gallery at Madison Avenue, has several works in stock.

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.
The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (Municipal Museum Amsterdam), Holland, was exhibiting most of its impressive De Kooning collection at its temporary location nearby the Central Station. The site includes images of Rosy Fingered Dawn at Louse Point (look for program, current, intermission) and of Singing Woman (look for collection, highlights). The museum collection includes eight major paintings from the period 1963-1983, a dozen lithos, a dozen sculptures and three charcoal drawing from 1969.

In De Koonings city of birth, Rotterdam, Holland, a commemorating event had been organized that included the passing by of a painted tram (line 8) referring to De Kooning and a "fifty windows" route in the quarter where De Kooning was born. The cities Boymans van Beuningen museum owns a small abstract painting on carton from 1963, The cliff of the Palisade with Hudson River. It's seldom exhibited, but a postcard reproduction is available at the museum shop.

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