Title Major Dorian Phrygian Lydian Mixolydian Minor Varying rapidly Others Atonal
Lost in a whirlpool E
The legend of the golden arches B B
Sleeping in a jar F
Guitar waltz X
Mice Drums only
The Blackouts Spoken text
The world's greatest sinner, single A
The world's greatest sinner movie sample #1 D D X
The world's greatest sinner movie sample #2 X
The world's greatest sinner movie sample #3 X
Holiday in Berlin D D
Run home, slome theme #1 Pentatonic
Run home, slome theme #2 Self-created scale
Run home, slome cue #3 D X
The little march X
Run home, slow movie sample #1 E
Run home, slow movie sample #2 X
Run home, slow movie sample #3 X
Run home, slow movie sample #4 X
Take your clothes off while you dance C
Any way the wind blows G
Why don't you do me right (Pal records) G
Why don't you do me right (Joe's Xmessage) F
Why don't you do me right (1967) G
Walkin' out D/A/E
Waltz (Pal records) D D
Speed-freak boogie E
Metal man has lost his wings E E
Tiger roach E
Opus 5 X
Breaktime C
Memories of El Monte G
Love of my life E
Grunion run C
Jessie Lee G
I was a teenage maltshop C D
I'm loosing status at the high school Eb F
Status back baby C
Toad of the short forest A C/D/E E/F#/G X
Duodenum E E
Bossa Nova G
Mondo Hollywood E
Motherly love A A
Hungry freaks, daddy A/E E Pentatonic
I ain't got no heart G
Who are the brain police X
I'm not satisfied D A E
You're probably wondering why I'm here G E
Trouble every day E
Help I'm a rock A
The return of the son of the monster magnet X
The downtown talent scout A
Plastic people G/D
The duke of prunes E F E
Brown shoes don't make it F# X X
Invocation & ritual dance of the young pumpkin C#/E
America drinks X
America drinks and goes home X
Mother people D
Absolutely free Ab F
What's the ugliest part of your body? G
Bow tie daddy C X
Concentration moon Bb C X
Flower punk X X B
The chrome plated megaphone of destiny X
No matter what you do Bb
Oh no E
I don't know if I can go through this again X X
Almost Chinese C#
It's from Kansas F X
King Kong (Lumpy gravy) A
Foamy soaky X
Unit 3a X
Unit 9/ A vicious circle X
Kangaroos X
Cheap thrills A
How could I be such a fool C/Bb E X
Jelly roll gum drop A
You didn't try to call me A
"No, no, no" Bb
Stuff up the cracks C
Oh, in the sky G
If I could only be your love again G
Uncle meat (1969) D/Eb X
Uncle meat variations C X
Zolar Czakl X
Dog breath G A X
Dog breath variations (1969/93) E
Dog breath variations (1974) Floating
Prelude to King Kong F#
Ian Underwood whips it out Eb
Project X Bb X
Cruising for burgers B D/F
King Kong Db Eb Ab Pentatonic X
Epilogue Ab X
The rejected Mexican pope X
Uncle rhebus Eb Eb/C Db C
Agency man C
It must be a camel X
Peaches en regalia B
The Gumbo variations G G D
Little umbrellas D E/F#/G A
Twenty small cigars E
Igor's boogie 1 X
Igor's boogie 2 X
Aybe sea C/Eb E
Little house piano intro X
Little house main theme D F#
Kung fu X
What will this evening bring me this morning E
Sofa interlude G
Didja get any onya F# C
Eric Dolphy's memorial barbecue X
Dwarf Nebula A
My guitar wants to kill your mama G G B X
Lumber truck solo F#
Baked-bean boogie Eb
No waiting for the peanuts to dissolve Pentatonic
Chocolate Halvah E
Underground freak-out music Pentatonic
The Nancy and Mary music Eb
Tell me you love me F#
Sharleena G G
Chunga's revenge D
Rudy wants to buy yez a drink C F G
Transylvania boogie (Chunga's revenge) E A Gypsy scale
(and Transylvania boogie (Ahead of ))
Twinkle tits E E
Chunga's basement D
Dance of the just plain folks X
Holiday in Berlin solo D
Call any vegetable solo E
Brain police (1970) C
Brain police (1971) C
The subcutaneous peril D
You never know who your friends are X
Latex solar beef B
Willy the pimp A
Bwana dick E C F# X
Do you like my new car? F# F#
The groupie routine F# F# F#
Scumbag D
Brixton still life D
Once upon a time C
Sofa (1971) C G
Divan X
Call any vegetable (1971) F# E
She painted up her face B E
Penis dimension X
Billy the mountain D G/D X
Number 7 X
Nun suit X
The girls's dream X
Little green scratchy sweaters X
Mistery roach E E
Tuna sandwich bolero X
Lonesome cowboy Burt C
Dental hygiene dilemma X
Magdalena D/A
Overture C C
Would you like a snack? C Eb/Ab/D C#
What's the name of your group? X
Can I help you with this dummy X X
Centerville X
Half a dozen provocative squats G F
Lucy's seduction of a bored violinist Self-created scale
I'm stealing the room X
Does this kind of life look interesting to you? X
The pleated gazelle X
Dew on the newts we got Floating
Magic fingers A
Big Swifty E F#
It just might be a one shot deal G E X
For Calvin X
Your mouth C
Cletus awreetus-awrightus A/Db/E G/B
Eat that question E
The grand wazoo D A X
Another whole melodic section X
Think it over D D
Waka/Jawaka F/D/E A/F A/G Locrian
Blessed relief F/E A/G/F# Bb
Greggery Peccary mvt. I interlude D
Variant I processional march X
Imaginary diseases B A
Rollo E Bb
D.C. Boogie D
Farther O'blivion E F/F# E/C
Little dots X
Camarillo brillo E
I'm the slime F#/E/D
Dirty love D
Fifty-fifty Db D/Eb/C C Db/E C/Db/Ab/Cb
Montana A/B Floating
Don't eat that yellow snow D
Don't eat that yellow snow, Australia D D X
Nanook rubs it D#
St. Alfonso/Father O'blivion E X
Apostrophe C E/B D B
Uncle Remus X
Echidna's arf E B E A B/C# Whole-tone scale
Don't you ever wash that thing C X
Orange County E
Dickie's such an asshole B/F# F#
Pojama prelude D C/D/G
All skate A A C/A
Village of the sun (1973-74) D F/G F G X
Inca roads (1973) C
Sheik Yerbouti tango F Whole-tone scale
Be-bop tango X
Approximate X
Pygmy twylyte Bb B
The idiot bastard son X
Room service B E E
Dummy up B
Dupree's paradise (1973) B B/A E X X
Florentine Pogen E
Inca roads (1975) C C X
Po-jama people D D
Evelyn X
San Ber'dino A E F#
Andy C# A/D
Debra Kadabra A/D/E
Carolina hard-core ecstasy (1975-84) C A C
200 years old G
Cucamonga Eb G A
Muffin man F# X
Original duke of prunes (see The duke )
The duke of prunes regains his chops E
Duke of prunes (1975) E G# G#/F
This town is a sealed tuna sandwich (prologue) X
Bogus pomp, tuna sandwich theme E
Bogus pomp, piano variation X
Bogus pomp, part of the coda D
Music for a low budget orchestra D Bb/C B/C#
Greggery Peccary X
New brown clouds theme G
Lemme take you to the beach X E/A
Phyniox Ab C Ab Ab
Reeny ra G Locrian
Any downers? F#
Kaiser rolls D
Keep it greasy (1976) D
Keep it greasy (1979) G
Black napkins D C#
Chunga's revenge, rhythm guitar solo D X
City of tiny lights G
Wind up working in a gas station C/B D D
The torture never stops G
Friendly little finger X
Zoot allures E X
Disco boy B
Filthy habits F/C F/C
Regyptian strut B/G# X
Time is money Bb C A Gb/Bb Bb A/E/C Locrian, whole-tonesc. X
Sleep dirt X
The ocean is the ultimate solution C
The black page #1 G/Bb/D/Gb
Manx needs women X
Titties and beer F# B
I promise not to come in your mouth C
The purple lagoon/Approximate X
Duck duck goose E
Down in the dew X
A little green rosetta A
Ship ahoy D D
Jones crusher E
Punky's whips X
Conehead instrumental Bb
Conehead (1978) F/E
Bowling on Charen B
The black page #2 G
I have been in you A
Flakes D/E E
I'm so cute E E
Baby snakes E C
Dancing fool C#
Wild love B A
Mo' mama E
Yo' mama C E A
Dong work for Yuda D
Watermelon in Easter hay (H.O.) E
King Kong (H.O.) Eb D
Heidelberg E
Paroxysmal splendor C A A
Ancient armaments A
Stinkfoot C C
Occam's razor C
On the bus A
Central scrutinizer D D
Joe's garage E
Catholic girls A F#
Fembot in a wet T-shirt E
Lucille A
Outside now Bb
Packard goose C#
Watermelon in Easter hay E
Tush-tush-tush F#
A token of my extreme D F#/A
No more Mr. nice girl E A
Fine girl C
Panty rap D C#
Easy meat F# E F#
The blue light A
Pick me, I'm clean C D
Peaches III B Locrian X
Five-five-FIVE X
Shut up 'n play yer guitar C
While you were out D
Treacherous Cretins A D
Soup 'n old clothes D
Canarsie X
The deathless horsie (YCDTOSA) B C#
(and The deathless horsie (SUNPYG))
Pink napkins C# D
Return of the son of Shut up 'n play yer guitar C
Why Johnny can't read E
Canard du jour G
Harder than your husband C
Doreen E/F
Tengo na minchia tanta G
You are what you is Bb
Beauty knows no pain G
Stevie's spanking A
Heavenly bank account G G
Jumbo go away Bb/G Eb X
The meek shall inherit nothing Gb Db Gb
Mo 'n herb's vacation X
Bogus pomp X
Sad jane X
Bob in Dacron X
Pedro's dowry X
Envelopes X
Outside now, again Floating
The girl in the magnesium dress X
Dupree's paradise (1984) E X
The perfect stranger X
Valley girl C/F E
I come from nowhere F# B
Drowning witch E/F# A/F# X
Teen-age prostitute X
Ya Hozna Bb C
Sinister footwear II B X X
Theme from Sinister footwear III F
Marque-Son's chicken X
Them or us Bb
Frogs with dirty little lips A A
Sinister footwear I X
Naval aviation in art? X
Cocaine decisions C D Gypsy scale
Stick together A
The jazz discharge party hats X
The radio is broken X
Tink walks amok E
Moggio E X
We're not alone C/E F#
The torture never stops (1980) A A X
The mammy nuns F#
Wistful wit a fistful X
The 'torchum' never stops G
Harry and Rhonda Ab
Harry-as-a-boy Floating
Miss Pinky A A
The crab-grass baby C
No not now Floating
Baby take your teeth out D
Let's move to Cleveland C E
Hot plate heaven at the Green hotel E
For Giuseppe Franco X
He's so gay Bb Bb
Bobby Brown C
One man - one vote B
Aerobics in bondage X
I don't even care E
What's new in Baltimore E E X
Alien orifice G/C Eb/C A E/G Bb minor variant
Porn wars F# X
H.R. 2911 X
Night school C/Ab
The Beltway bandits X X
While you were art II D Floating
G-spot tornedo B X
Damp ankles X
Massagio Galore B
Sexual harassment in the workplace C#
Republicans X
In-a-gadda-Stravinsky D D D D
Once again, without the net D D
Were we ever really save in San Antonio? B
That's not really a shuffle Eb Chromatic
Sunrise redeemer E
Orrin hatch on skis D D
Too ugly for show business D
Things that look like meat G
Canadian customs X
Babette C
Ride my face to Chicago D B
The black page (1984) G
Shall we take ourselves seriously X
Thirteen C
Honey, don't you want a man like me? (1976) A
Honey, don't you want a man like me? (1980) E
Honey, don't you want a man like me? (1984-88) C
King Kong (1971/82) Bb Eb A
Rhymin' man A
Promiscuous D
Welcome to the U.S. Eb X
Any kind of pain F/G F C/Bb
What kind of girl? A A
Jesus thinks you're a jerk C A
Heavy duty Judy (1988) E X
The black page (new age version) G/Bb
When yuppies go to hell X X
The torture never stops, part II A
Zomby woof A Floating
King Kong (1988) D X
Let's make the water turn black C
Good lobna F#
Ask dr. Stupid F# F# X
Trance-fusion D
Diplodocus Eb
Soul polka C#
Light is all that matters X
Bavarian sunset E
Outrage at Valdez F
The Valdez score Self-created scale
Electronic music by FZ X
Improvisation in A A
Budapest solo D
Strat Vindaloo Indian scale
Strictly genteel D D X
9/8 Objects C
What will Rumi do? E
T'Mershi Duween (1991) D E B
This is a test X
Uncle meat (1992) Eb G
Exercise #4 G X X
Ruth is sleeping X
Times beach II X
Times beach III X
None of the above X
Get Whitey X X
Put a motor in yourself E X
Reagan at Bitburg X
Xmas values X
Buffalo voice X
N-lite G A X
I was in a drum F
A pig with wings X
Hot & putrid X
The unanswered cluster X
Gross man X
Beat the reaper X
Samba funk X
Overture to Uncle Sam X X
Amnerika (vocal version) F
Dance me this F F
Pachuco gavotte X
Wolf Harbor X
Rykoniki X
Calculus Floating