Bogus pomp

Bogus pomp, tuna sandwich theme (L.S.O. version, 6:56-7:03). Transcription: KS (see also the notes).
All three examples: update 2005, 3rd printed edition 2007.

Bogus pomp, piano variation. Transcription: KS (see also the notes).
Note: this transcription has been renewed in 2010. The rhythm was previously correct, but the dots were somewhat incomplete and inaccurate.

Bogus pomp, part of the coda (Orchestral favorites, 12:03-12:16). Transcription: KS.
- The 1983 large orchestra score of "Bogus pomp", used for the L.S.O. recording, is for rent at Barfko Swill. The piano variation is here executed by the string sections of the orchestra.
- The original 1975 score is possibly included in the "200 Motels, the suites" scores, that Barfko Swill is also for rent.

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