A study of the music of Frank Zappa by Kasper Sloots, containing many note examples and midi files.

Foreword and introduction (text only)

The lost episodes: Zappa's teens
- Lost in a whirlpool; Sleeping in a jar;
The legend of the golden arches; Guitar waltz

The mystery disc #1: movie scores
- Run home, slow (theme and soundtrack); The little march;
The world's greatest sinner (single and soundtrack); Holiday in Berlin

Pal and Original sound: working with Paul Buff
- Any way the wind blows; Waltz; Why don't you do me right; Metal man
Take your clothes off when you dance; Walkin' out; Speed-freak boogie; Tiger roach

Cucamonga years: singles and broadcast music
- Grunion run; Love of my life; Breaktime
Memories of El Monte; Opus 5; Jessie Lee

The mystery disc #2: projects
- I was a teenage maltshop; Status back baby; Duodenum
Bossa Nova; Mondo Hollywood; Toad of the short forest

Freak out! - Fillmore West, 1966: into the rock industry
- I ain't got no heart; Help, I'm a rock; Monster magnet; Downtown talent scout
Trouble every day; You're probably wondering why I'm here; Hungry freaks

Absolutely free: complexities
- America drinks; Plastic people; Brown shoes don't make it
Invocation & ritual dance of the young pumpkin

We're only in it for the money: the sixties
- Mother people; The ugliest part of your body; Concentration moon
No matter what you do; Absolutely free; Bow tie daddy

Lumpy gravy - Lumpy money: a collage
- Oh no; King Kong (1968); Foamy soaky; Unit 3A and 9
I don't know if I can go through this again; It's from Kansas

Cruising with Ruben and the Jets - Greasy love songs: doo-wop
- Jelly roll gum drop; Stuff up the cracks; Oh, in the sky; "No, no, no"
Cheap thrills; You didn't try to call me; If only I could be your love again

Uncle Meat - Ahead of their time: integration
- Uncle meat; King Kong (1969); Dog breath; The rejected Mexican pope
Project X; Epilogue; Agency man; Zolar Czakl; Uncle rhebus

Hot rats: overdubs
- It must be a camel; Peaches en regalia;
Little umbrellas; Twenty small cigars; The Gumbo variations

Burnt weeny sandwich: atonality and the use of scales
- Igor's boogie I and II; Eric Dolphy memorial barbecue
Kung fu; The little house I used to live in; My guitar

Weasels ripped my flesh - YCDTOSA V: counterpoint #1 and improvisations
- Dwarf nebula; Didja get any onya?; Baked-bean boogie
What will this evening bring me this morning?; Sofa; Weasels

Chunga's revenge: mainstream pop
- Tell me you love me; Sharleena; Chunga's revenge
Rudy wants to buy yez a drink; Transylvania boogie

Quaudiophiliac - Fillmore East, 1970: bootleg and archive recordings
- Chunga's basement; Twinkle tits; Dance of the just plain folks
Brain police (1970); Solos from Call any vegetable and Holiday in Berlin

Fillmore East, June 1971 - Playground psychotics: comedy shows
- Latex solar beef; Willy the pimp (1971); Do you like my new car?
Bwana dik; Brixton still life; Scumbag; The sofa suite/Divan

Just another band from L.A. - Carnegie Hall - Finer moments: sequences and tempo changes
- Billy the Mountain; Call any vegetable (1971); Penis dimension
Magdalena; Number 7; Brain police (1971); The subcutaneous peril

200 Motels (1971 album) - 200 Motels, the suites: the overall piece of art
- Overture; What's the name of your group?; She painted up her face; Mystery roach
The pleated gazelle; Dental hygiene dilemma; Can I help you with this dummy?

Waka/Jawaka - The grand wazoo: the jazz band in the studio
- Big swifty; One shot deal; The grand wazoo; Your mouth; Think it over; Blessed relief
For Calvin; Eat that question; Another whole melodic section; Waka/Jawaka

Wazoo - Imaginary diseases: the jazz band live
- Imaginary diseases; Variant I; Rollo; D.C. boogie; Farther O'blivion

Overnite sensation: riffs
- Dirty love; Montana; Fifty-fifty; I'm the slime

Apostrophe ('): collaborations
- Don't eat the yellow snow; Apostrophe ('); Uncle Remus
Nanook rubs it; St. Alfonso/Father O'blivion

Roxy and Elsewhere: metres and rhythms
- Echidna's arf (of you); Orange county guitar solo; Tangos; All skate; Village of the sun
Don't you ever wash that thing; Dickie's such an asshole; Pojama prelude; Inca roads (1973)

YCDTOSA II - A token of his extreme: versions differences and routines
- Approximate; Pygmy twylyte; The idiot bastard son
Room service; Dummy up; Dupree's paradise (1974)

One size fits all: through-composed melodies and song structures
- Florentine Pogen; Evelyn; Inca roads (1975); San Ber'dino; Andy

Bongo Fury: working with Don van Vliet
- Debra kadabra; 200 years old; Muffin man; Cucamonga

Orchestral favorites - Studio tan: classicism
- Duke of prunes (1963-1975); Bogus pomp; RDZNL
Music for low budget orchestra; Greggery Peccary

FZ:OZ - FZ plays FZ - Joe's series - Philly '76: the 5- and 6-piece band
- Kaiser rolls; Black napkins; Rhythm guitar solo;
City of tiny lights; Keep it greasy; Phyniox; Reeny ra

Zoot Allures: harmonies and vamps
- Disco boy; The torture never stops (1976); Friendly little finger
Wind up working in a gas station; Zoot allures

Sleep dirt: harmonies and vamps (cntd.)
Filthy habits; The ocean is the ultimate solution
Time is money; Regyptian strut; Sleep dirt

In New York: irregular rhythmic groupings
- The black page #1; Titties and beer; Manx needs women
I promise not to come in your mouth; The purple lagoon

Läther - Baby snakes: boxes and concert footage
- Duck duck goose; Down in de dew; Green rosetta/Ship ahoy
Punky's whips; Jones crusher; Conehead; Bowling on Charen

Sheik Yerbouti - Hammersmith Odeon: disco references and solo building
- The black page #2; Dong work for Yuda; Watermelon in easter hay (prequel)
Wild love; Mo' and Yo' mama; Flakes; I have been in you; Dancin' fool; King Kong (1978)

One shot deal - Halloween: live compilations #1 and xenochrony
- Heidelberg; Stinkfoot; Ancient armaments; On the bus; Occam's razor

Joe's garage: the emotional dimension
- Joe's garage; Watermelon in easter hay (1979-1984); A token of my extreme
Fembot in a wet T-shirt; Outside now; No more Mr. nice girl; Packard goose

Tinsel town rebellion - Buffalo: fashions
- Fine girl; Easy meat; Panty rap; Pick me, I'm clean; Peaches III

Shut up 'n play yer guitar: modes
- Five-five-FIVE; Return of the son; Pink napkins
Canarsie; Why Johnny can't read; The deathless horsie

You are what you is - The dub room special: rock 'n roll and other styles
- You are what you is; Heavenly bank account; Harder than your husband
Beauty knows no pain; Stevie's spanking; Jumbo go away; Doreen

Ship arriving too late to save a drowning witch: the modern rock band
- Drowning witch; Valley girl; Teen-age prostitute; I come from nowhere

The L.S.O. - The perfect stranger: a modern composer
- Mo 'n Herb's vacation; Pedro's dowry; Outside now again; Envelopes; Sad Jane
The girl in the magnesium dress; Dupree's paradise (1984); The perfect stranger; Bob in Dacron

The man from Utopia: recitatives
- The jazz discharge party hats; We are not alone; Tink walks amok
The radio is broken; The torture never stops (1980); Moggio

Them or us - Sinister footwear: the modern rock band (cntd.) and instrumentation
- Ya Hozna; Sinister footwear I-III; Marque-Son's chicken
Naval aviation in art?; Frogs with dirty little lips

Thing-Fish: an opera
- The evil prince; Wistful wit a fistful; No not now; Won ton on
Mammy nuns; Harry and Rhonda; The crab-grass baby; Harry-as-a-boy

Does humor belong in music?: the lyrics
- Baby take your teeth out; Hot plate heaven; Bobby Brown
Let's move to Cleveland; For Giuseppe Franco; He's so gay

FZ meets the Mothers of prevention: politics
- One man - one vote; Alien orifice; I don't even care
Aerobics in bondage; What's new in Baltimore

Jazz from hell: the synclavier #1
- Damp ankels; Massagio Galore; Night school
G-spot tornado; The Beltway bandits

Guitar: solo types
- Sexual harassment intro; In-a-gadda-Stravinsky; Sunrise redeemer
Republicans; Canadian customs; Orrin hatch on skis; GOA; San Antonio

You can't do that on stage anymore: live compilations #2
- Shall we take ourselves seriously; Ride my face to Chicago; Thirteen
Babette; Don't you want a man like me? (1976-1988); King Kong (1971/82)

Broadway the hard way: parodies and conventions
- Rhymin' man; Any kind of pain; Jesus thinks you're a jerk
Welcome to the U.S.; Promiscuous

Best band - Make a jazz noise here: live compilations #3
- The black page (new age version); The torture never stops, part two; Zomby woof
Heavy duty Judy (1988); When yuppies go to hell; Let's make the water turn black

Outrage at Valdez and others: documentaries
- Outrage at Valdez; The Valdez score; Improvisation in A
Budapest solo; Strat Vindaloo

The yellow shark - EIHN: counterpoint #2
- Strictly genteel (1987); Times beach; None of the above; T'Mershi Duween
This is a test; 9/8 Objects; Ruth is sleeping; What will Rumi do?; Exercise #4

Civilization phaze III: the synclavier #2
- Put a motor in yourself; Get whitey; Samba funk
Beat the reaper; Xmas values; Reagan at Bitburg; Amnerika

Trance-fusion: chromatic notes and quarter-tones
- Trance-fusion; Bavarian sunset; Ask dr. Stupid
Diplodocus; Light is all that matters; Soul polka

Dance me this: the synclavier #3
- Calculus; Pachuco gavotte; Dance me this; Rykoniki


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It may be self-evident from the title of this study that the author of the music itself represented in the note examples in this study is Frank Zappa, of which the copyright since his death has gone over to the Zappa Family Trust.

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